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Pool and Spa Equipment

The Hayward Tri-Star 950 is Hayward’s standard pump that we highly recommend not only for its efficiency but also its home electrical savings too! Boasting an average reduction of power cost by 90% compared to other manufacturer’s pumps, its a pretty impressive feat. With an easy to use display that allows you to set as many as 8 timers on your pump speeds compared to the usual 2 or 4 timers on other pumps, the Tri-star 950 gives you quite a bit of customization. It allows you to run your pool speeds at various times throughout the day and even night. 

Take a look at their brochure here for more information!

The Hayward Universal H series Heaters are our go-to heaters. The H series offers a fast and convenient way to heat your pool year round. With an easy to use control panel, you can simply set your temperature and your heater will fire on until your pool is just right. Available for either gas or electric, there’s one that’s right for your home!

For more information, click here for their brochure. 

Do you want to be able to control your pump from your smartphone? The VS Omni series gives you that ability! Similar in every way to the Tri-Star VS series, the Omni gives you the ability to not only turn on and off your pump remotely, but also turn on the lights and heater while on the road!

For more information, take a look at Hayward’s brochure here!

The Hayward Aquarite 900 is our salt system that lets your pool automatically generate free chlorine to your pool. No more fiddly tablets to put into your pool every week. Just simply make sure your salt is at the correct level and let the salt cell do the rest! 

For more details, click here to see if the Aquarite 900 is right for you!

Ever wanted to easily control your pool settings from the comfort of your home or swimming pool? Then give the Auqapod 2.0 a look! With a wireless touchscreen that is 100% waterproof, you can control your pump settings, turn your heater on or off, and check your pool temperature from the comfort of your living room or steps of the pool. 

Take a look at the brochure manual here for more details!