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Custom Fiberglass Swimming Pools

Custom Fiberglass Swimming Pools

Whether your home is traditional or contemporary there is a Custom shape that will highlight your style.

All pool kits include: Standard White Gel-Coat Finish, Two (2) Returns, Two (2) Main Drains, Supply Line for Automatic Cleaner, Sand Filter w/ sand, 1hp Pump, Equipment Pad, Stainless Steel Handrail, 3 Step Ladder, Maintenance Kit and Schedule 40 PVC Plumbing Kit.

Sonoma Fiberglass Pool

Size: 9′ x 17′ Depth: 4’ 3” FLAT Gallons: 3600 Square Feet: 128

Sonoma Overview

Bring class and sophistication to your outdoor paradise with our Sonoma Fiberglass Swimming Pool – Designed with a classic oval shape, this stylish pool whispers grace and refinement and would make a great addition to a landscape. The Sonoma is one of our custom models and boasts elegant, rounded entry steps and a flat bottom making it kid-friendly and perfect for pool games and activities!

Features Include:
  • Rounded entry steps
  • Flat bottom optimal for pool activities
  • Stylish classic shape

This elegant fiberglass pool measures at 128 square feet and is 9’ x 17’ of summer fun waiting to happen! The Sonoma features a depth of 4’ 3″ flat and holds 3,600 gallons of water for ultimate splashing fun!

Martinique Fiberglass Pool

Size: 10′ x 17′ Depth: 4’ FLAT w/ lounger & table Gallons: 3400 Square Feet: 144

Martinique Overview

Show off a truly individual style with our custom shape Martinique Fiberglass Pool. Designed to add charm to your home and yard the Martinique’s custom shape will be the talk of any party or gathering! Featuring a lavish built-in lounger and table go ahead and bring those drinks and snacks to the pool and enjoy!

Features Include:
  • Built-in lounger
  • Built-in table
  • Wide entry steps
  • Large swim corridor

The Martinique Fiberglass Pool is 10 by 17 feet of swimming indulgence and holds 3,400 gallons of water to splash in! The Martinique is a total of 144 square feet and offers fun for the whole family with a depth of 4 feet flat! The Martinique shell is backed by a 50-year warranty!

Mediterranean Fiberglass Pool

Size: 13′ x 26′ Depth: 3’ 6” – 6’ Gallons: 8600 Square Feet: 300

Mediterranean Overview

Our Mediterranean Fiberglass Pool is one of sophistication. Part of our custom series, the Mediterranean boasts a stunning modern design in addition to clean sleek lines. Sweeping entrance steps add a touch of style while accentuating the unique and contemporary shape of the pool. Sit back and relax on the Mediterranean’s water bench and soak your troubles away in this mod and sleek fiberglass pool!

Features Include:
  • Sweeping entrance steps
  • Large swim corridor
  • Relaxation bench

Highlight your unique style with this 13 by 26 foot fiberglass swimming pool. With a total of 300 square feet the Mediterranean is sure to turn some heads! The Mediterranean Fiberglass Pool holds 8,600 gallons of water to splash in while offering options for both adults and kids with a 3 foot 6 inch shallow end and a 6 foot deep end! The Mediterranean shell is backed by a 50-year warranty!

Cozumel Fiberglass Pool

Size: 14′ x 30′ Depth: 3’ 6” – 5’ 6” Gallons: 9900 Square Feet: 377

Cozumel Overview

Stop settling for just an average summer. With our Cozumel Fiberglass Swimming Pool dull summers will be a thing of the past! The Cozumel is one of our custom design models and boasts elongated walk-in entry steps and a spacious swim area that is sure to add style to your gatherings! Featuring built-in bench seating, our Cozumel swimming pool is made for days of rest and relaxation under the sun!

Features Include:
  • Custom design
  • Walk-in entry steps
  • Built-in seating area

The Cozumel is 14’ x 30’ of summer fun and measures in at 377 square feet, perfect for nearly any backyard! The luxury designed pool features a 3′ 6″ shallow end for the kiddos and a 5′ 6″ deep end for the adults, making it fun for all ages! Holding 9,900 gallons of water there will be no shortage of splish splashing, summer fun!

Abacos Fiberglass Pool

Size: 14′ x 34′ Depth: 3’ – 6’ Gallons: 12400 Square Feet: 403

Abacos Overview

Take fun in the sun to another level with our Abacos Fiberglass Pool featuring a built-in tanning ledge! No need to go to a salon, with the Abacos you can get tan and go for a swim all in the convenience of your own home. The Abacos Fiberglass Pool sports a fun curvy shape that will spice up any yard!

Features Include:
  • Built-in tanning ledge
  • Spacious swim area
  • Fun curved shape

The Abacos Fiberglass Pool is 14 by 34 feet of swimming fun and holds 12,400 gallons of water to splash in! The Abacos is a total of 403 square feet and offers options for both adults and kids with a 3 foot shallow end and a 6 foot deep end! The Abacos shell is backed by a 50-year warranty!

Sunset Cay Fiberglass Pool

Size: 16′ x 34’ Depth: 3’ 6”- 6’ Gallons: 14600 Square Feet: 495

Sunset Cay Overview

Live your summer up in luxury with the Sunset Cay Fiberglass Swimming Pool! This sophisticated swimming pool features a classic design with clean lines and a refined shape, making it great for all those swanky summer events. So start making those party plans! The Sunset Cay’s sweeping entry steps and large swim corridor make it ideal for swimming enthusiasts and pool gatherings!

Features Include:
  • Large swim corridor
  • Classic, clean design
  • Sweeping entry steps

This classy fiberglass pool is 16’ x 34’ of summer bliss and measures in at 495 square feet! The Sunset Cay holds 14,600 gallons of water for splashing and is great for swimmers of all ages with a 3′ 6″ shallow end and a 6′ deep end, making summer fun for everyone! So go ahead and spoil your family this season. You deserve it!

Monaco Bay Fiberglass Pool

Size: 16′ x 35’ Depth: 3’ – 6’ Gallons: 13600 Square Feet: 510

Monaco Bay Overview

The Monaco Bay puts a spin on your average pool, classic and sleek in shape as well as design the Monaco Bay Fiberglass Pool sports clean lines while adding a fresh twist on the everyday rectangular pool. Designed with a built-in tanning ledge take turns getting sun and dipping in the pool without leaving your home. After tanning and swimming recline back in the Monaco’s built-in bench seating!

Features Include:
  • Large built-in tanning ledge
  • Bench seating
  • Spacious swim corridor

Soak, splash and tan your troubles away in the 16 by 35 foot Monaco Bay Fiberglass Pool! Fun for both adults and kids the pool features a 3 foot shallow end as well as a 6 foot deep end. A total of 510 square feet of swimming fun, the Monaco Bay holds 13,600 gallons of water and would be the perfect addition to any home!

Key Largo Fiberglass Pool

Size: 16′ x 36’ Depth: 3’ 6” – 6’ w/ lounger & table Gallons: 14600 Square Feet: 555

Key Largo Overview

Part of our custom series, the Key Largo Fiberglass Pool boasts a truly unique shape and style! Featuring sleek wide entry steps in addition to the spacious swim area the pool is perfect for families and gatherings! The Key Largo is most indulgent, housing a built-in table for drinks and snacks plus a built-in lounger for maximum relaxation, your friends will we begging you to host the next party!

Features Include:
  • Built-in lounger
  • Built-in table
  • Unique custom shape
  • Sleek wide entry steps

The Key Largo is 16 by 36 feet of swimming fun and holds 14,600 gallons of water for ample soaking! The fiberglass pool is a total of 555 square feet and offers options for both kids and adults with a 3 foot 6 inch shallow end as well as a 6 foot deep end. The Key Largo shell is backed by a 50-year warranty!